Marches of Windhaven Geography

General Geography for the Marches

This campaign is set in a region of the world known as the Marches of Windhaven. It’s a fairly large geographic region, somewhat sparsely settled. Small towns dot the landscape, primarily inhabited by farmers and simple tradesmen. The roads between the towns can be dangerous to an unarmed party and are traveled with some care. The geography of the region is mixed. There are forested areas, hills, flat meadows, a few largish rivers, and at the boarders more mountainous areas. Trade frequently follows the rivers, though there are overland routes as well. There are no sprawling metropolises in the Marches of Windhaven, but there are some larger towns (or smaller cities), particularly further south.

People of all races are not uncommon in Windhaven, though some races are more common than others, and there are some regions where one or two races dominate. Overall, humans are the most numerous.

Notable Cities

Marches of Windhaven Geography

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