Marches of Windhaven

Session 3: Kobold Hall and Blackroot Village

In which a dragon is nearly slain but escapes and our heros embark upon a delivery quest

  • fought white dragon in ice caves; Sunarias nearly dies
  • found dragon hides, two swords (Luckblade and Lifedrinker), and a note
  • started walking back to Fallcrest
  • was ambushed by wolves; Sunarias nearly dies
  • at Fallcrest Tomis used party’s gold to buy Torinn a nice present (Ropen Belt of Vigor)
  • the rest of the party returned the dragon hide and clockwork to Teldorthan Ironhews
  • he was very happy we returned the clockwork innards and said that they were part of a present for his recently married daughter Doria Grayfist
  • Sunarias visited his wizard’s guild, learned a ritual, and told his teacher Nimozaran the Green that we was going to head out with us; he learned of a dragon sage Yvette in Althor that might know more about the dragon and the dragon’s note
  • we deiced to travel to Althor to learn more about this dragon
  • we agreed to take Teldorthan Ironhews’s finished clock to his daughter as a favor since her new town Blackroot Village was on our way
  • the travel to Blackroot Village took 3 days
  • there were many orcs and half-orcs living there
  • we were confronted in the town by the orc reeve Torash; he asked what our business was; when asked about Doria, he said she went back to Fallcrest; we were suspicious
  • we found Doria’s house and investigated; it was trashed as though there had been a struggle; we found an obsidian stone tip and a necklace with an eye surrounded by obsidian shards
  • a crowd gathered round the house, upset that we were there; they said we had to right searching Doria’s house
  • we left town and followed a group of suspicious people; we found a path they had likely taken and followed it
  • we came to a cave; Tomis sneaked forward to check things out and we were ambushed by two orcs and two humans; Tomis almost died


Torinn blames Tomis for this mishap.


I’m totally going to try and write this up as soon as I have a few minutes – probably after I exhaust myself from unpacking.


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