Marches of Windhaven

Session 2: Kobold Hall

In which a halfling's sense of scale is noticed to be different from that of a dragonborn

Sent Tomis through portcullis to open it and scout the next room. Next room had an altar to Tiamat, about 3 kobolds, and arrow traps activated via pressure plates. Failed horribly at perception.

Tomis sent to scout again. Returns with high tales of giant kobolds on 30 foot high pillars swinging rocks. Ends up being sling kobolds on top of 10 foot high platforms swinging a slimy rock down to hit skulls placed on sarcophagi. A large wooden door between the platforms was locked and barred. Torinn manages to climb up one platform, while Sunarias ignites a fireball on the other platform. Two guard drakes also came up from behind the gate to attack Torinn.

Down the hallway behind the door was a room with a platform in the center and one on the far side. Encountered a flying white drake, a spellcaster kobold, two guard kobolds, and two sling kobolds. Room was trapped with a giant boulder that rolled around the center platform, crushing Tomis at one point. Sunarias fell and almost died, but we barely managed to all survive by ending the fight in time to stabilize Sunarias. Spellcaster kobold had a bag with a key, a message in pig-draconic revealing where a hidden door was located, as well as an Orb of Insurmountable Force which Sunarias carries.



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