Personality: Outgoing, friendly, trusting, sarcastic.

Davingnon was raised in the port town of Hearthridge by his mother, an unmarried noble and ambassador for the city. She refused to speak of his father. He disliked the noble’s life that she impressed upon him and left the town on bad terms when he was a teenager. He joined a group of mercenaries where he met two Dragonborn: Torinn, who taught him to fight, and Gyrr, an older captain who taught him the art of war. He found that he was good at both.

Almost ten years later, he fought alongside Torinn and Tomis in the battle to defend Balthor Keep from the Orcs. Things did not go well. The mercenaries were routed – most fled after the battle was clearly lost. Torinn, Tomis, and Davingnon escaped alive and began making their way away from what was now Orc lands.


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