Marches of Windhaven

Session 7: Bejik's Last Stand

Our heroes, having temporarily defeated Vrak and the other thralls under Bejik’s service, approach the floating tower. They see a Dragonborn at distance, and Tomis decides to move in stealthily for a sneak attack. This doesn’t turn out well. The Dragonborn sees him and shouts for backup while poisoning his weapon.

A battle ensues. Archers fire poisoned arrows from the floating rocks and tower above, a drake and rider fly down to harass Torinn, Sunarias manages to hit with a Phantom Bolt knocking the rider off of the drake, and Tomis decides to go climbing only to get impaled with a poison arrow forcing him to jump 30 feet back to the ground (Where Davingnon was waiting with a pep talk). Tomis was particularly insistent that the drake fly away – a strategy that did not prove effective. After many almost deaths and a few healing potions, the heroes are victorious, ending the battle in the bottom floor of the tower over the corpses of the archers.

On the second floor of the tower they find beds and a locked chest (Which Tomis gladly opens). On the third floor, there is a table with a few scattered papers and ink on it beside a bookcase filled with old tomes. The table sits inside of a magic circle. One of the papers on the table shows the lineage of Bejik, Baron of Vaeleraas. A book nearby explains the origins of the title: Thousand(s?) of years ago, during the Battle of Dankmoore, a dragonborn named Heskin saved the dragonborn Emperor with a spell of light and was bestowed the title of Baron of Vaeleraas. After searching further, they find another paper describing the lineage of another Baron of Vaeleraas that was more yellowed – this one was written about 80 years ago. Sunarias discovers that the newer lineage is actually a fake, clearly written by Bejik to fool Vrak and the other thralls of the Baronage. The family name of the true Baron is Elhorn – the same family name that Torinn has.

From the top of the tower the heroes survey the area and discover what appears to be an excavation. They travel down there, where they found what appears to be a recently moved marble slab. After moving the slab, they discover a tunnel which leads down into an underground structure. Tomis decides to head down first and immediately triggers a trap which immobilizes him and Davingnon. As they press on, the structure appears to be a ruined underground temple with many broken statues and collapsed ceiling beams.

Bejik yells a taunt and the lights in the temple are extinguished, forcing the heroes to rely on Sunarias’ magic light during the ensuing battle. Vrak is in a small upstairs alcove, and Torinn quickly hands him the fake letter of heritage and explains the situation while the rest of the party begins to be pelted by arrows and surrounded by dragonborn and Bejik. Vrak joins the fight against the imposter, and Bejik retreats into a large temple room where he attacks from the back of a Warwing. Torinn goes to deal with dragonborn archers in an alcove in the back of the room, while the rest chase Vejik as he tries to head towards the exit. A friendly drake flies down the entrance tunnel, trapping Bejik in beteen. Our heroes make an attempt to get Bejik to surrender, but end up having to finish him off.

Among the bodies are found Shadowsteel Gloves, a Blackened Shield, and Catstep Boots.



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