Marches of Windhaven

Session 6: Journey on a Stone Canoe

  • We go to the village center to talk to the village elders.
  • The elders say that they have never seen the drakes that attach being ridden.
  • We show them the map we found. The elders say that the center point of all of the flight paths is Morningfall Summit. The villagers say that no one ever goes there. Those who have tried never return.
  • We decide to head out to Morningfall Summit the next day.
  • The villagers invite us to stay the night at Jeral the baker and Margie his wife’s house. They have three children: Becka, Jake, and Cassey. Becka seems to have developed a crush on Davingnon.
  • As we leave the meeting one of the elders, Cyril, pulls Torinn aside and whispers to him that 100 years ago his grandfather went to Morningfall Summit and saw the spirits of dragonborn.
  • The next morning the village elders loan us some gear we will need to get to the summit. As we are getting ready to head out, a bunch of kids run in and say that the village boys have decided to take it upon themselves to kill a drake. Apparently the village girls have been teasing the boys because they are not as heroic as Davingnon.
  • We run out to the where they boys are reported to be. The boys have cornered a sickly drake and are hesitantly considering attacking it. Davingnon talks to the group of boys and tries to convince them to go home.
  • The drake has no saddle, but has an iron collar and a brand. The drake seems sick, and seems to have some brain damage.
  • The drake can talk in simple sentences, but seems to have trouble communicating because of the brain problems. It says that it killed its rider, that its head hurts, and that all of the drakes are starving because there isn’t enough sheep. Then the drake has a seizure and dies.
  • The village gives us a guide, Jacob, who says he will show us how to get to the summit. He takes us about 6 miles out of the village and then says that he won’t go any further.
  • The going is tough, but not impossible.
  • We come to a cave, off to the side of our path. Around the outside of the cave are non-drake scratch marks. Tomis sneaks up to the cave, and then once it’s clear it is safe, we all go in.
  • In the cave is a giant pool of water, as well as a number of giant bats and rats.
  • Tomis finds a secret tunnel under the surface of the pool which comes out into another cave room. In the room is a dead gnome adventurer with three vials of ghost strike oil.
  • We head out past the cave and up to Morningfall Summit.
  • At the top is a half-mile wide bowl. Within the bowl are the ruins of a marble fortress. The ruins are suspended in the air, floating in the place were they were originally built. In the center of the bowl is a large tower that appears to be in better shape than the rest of the fortress.
  • Sunarias knew the following about the fortress: The stone is covered in ancient dragonborn writing. The ruins match a flying citadel that was used 1,000 years ago by the ancient dragonborn empire to transport warriors, and was destroyed by the tierfling at the height of the war. The crash location was previously unknown. The citadel was known as Ustraternes, or the Wings of Morning.
  • We head towards the towers and find a statue of a dragonborn on a spur of rock. We notice that similar statues are set periodically in a circle around the tower.
  • Davingnon approached the statue and a dragonborn spirit, Vrak, appeared. Vrak stated that we should leave because he and his warriors were bound to defend the area, following the orders of his new master. Vrak was steward to the house of Tiburcaix and his master was Bejik Vuthinear, the last scion of the house of Tiburcaix. The house of Tiburcaix was very important in the ancient dragonborn empire. Vrak told us that Bejik worships Zehir and sullies the honor of his ancestors and their noble history.
  • Because he is bound to his duty, Vrak would not let us pass, despite our attempts to persuade him otherwise. Tomis pushed over Vrak’s statue, but it had no effect.
  • We decided not to fight him, as he seemed quite noble, and we made camp at the edge of the bowl.
  • In the morning we found a floating rock and got on it. We used Mage Hand to push the rock, and we attempted to sneak past Vrak in the air.
  • Vrak discovered us despite that and attacked us with skeletons, zombies, and specters. The battle took place on the floating rock and in the tree tops. We were victorious and Vrak disappeared.



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